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NOTICE - November 14, 2023:​ 
Trickling Filter Decommissioning
Nov. 28 – Dec. 9, 2023

Construction of the Nelson Wastewater Treatment Facility continues.  One of the next key steps is to remove the first of the existing trickling filters.


The trickling filter technology is being removed because it cannot meet future water quality requirements. Trickling filters have historically been a source of odor generation and will ultimately be replaced with a modern biological nutrient removal system.

Details about the activity are as follows:

Nelson WWTF - update
  • The location of this infrastructure is highlighted in yellow in the figure. 

  • Starting November 28th, the team will be demolishing the trickling filter so that future infrastructure can be built in its place.  

  • During this period, there is an increased potential for odor generation.  The team has taken several measures to minimize this to the extent possible, including the installation of chemical systems meant to prevent the odor from occurring and scheduling to minimize the duration of the activities to the extent possible.  

  • Dates noted may need to be adjusted to due weather or other factors.​


Thank you for your understanding.  We will work to complete this task as quickly as possible while maintaining a safe work environment for our team and the community.

If you detect odors we would like to know so we can address them.  You can fill out an odor complaint form by clicking on the “Odor Complaint Form” button. This form notifies Operations & Maintenance staff and top leadership directly. 

Nelson Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements Project

Nelson Complex Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) is Johnson County’s oldest treatment facility, and its service area is comprised of two main tributary basins - Turkey Creek (SMTC) and Mission Main (MTM1).


The service area, located in northeast Johnson County, is approximately bounded by 47th Street to the north, 95th Street to the south, Pflumm Road to the west, and State Line Road to the east. Metcalf Avenue roughly divides the two basins, with Turkey Creek to the west and Mission Main to the east.

The improvements project will upgrade the treatment facility in order to address aged and deteriorating infrastructure and to comply with new regulatory requirements.  

Information pertaining to the project, including schedules and activities, will be available on this site and updated as the project progresses.


Nelson WWTF Early Design Phase Rendering

The Household Hazardous Waste Facility has moved.
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