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Off-Site Improvements 

Off-Site Improvements Coordination

Off-Site improvements are being coordinated through a partnership of JCW, City of Mission, Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Kansas CIty Kansas, and the Kansas Department of Transportation.

  • Nelson WWTF Infrastructure Upgrades Needed

  • Planned Mission Project to Address Foxridge Drive

  • Address Construction Traffic

  • Disturb area one time

  • Allow construction traffic/material deliveries in timely fashion

  • Signal provides community benefit even after construction activities 

  • Coordinating on cost share agreements

Upcoming Off-Site Improvements
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Off-Site Improvements

Foxridge Drive

PROJECT UPDATE (updated January 19, 2023)

  • January

    • Force main installation activity w​ill continue with excavation, install and backfill of the new 36" force main line heading East on Foxridge Drive.

  • February

    • Force main installation will move into Phase 2. Which will allow the re-opening of the West bound lanes from the West side of Quick Trip to the Foxridge Pump Station.  See Fig.2 below. 

    • At the end of February, the force main installation will begin across the Foxridge and Lamar intersection. This work will be performed on the night shift, with all lanes allowed to open back up daily.

  • As of January 20, 2023, 1,105 linear feet of 36” force main (sewer line) have been installed of the 2,669 total linear feet (41%).

  • As of January 9, 2023, 585 linear feet of 36” force main (sewer line) have been installed of the 2,669 total linear feet (22%).

  • December 12, 2022
    Phase 1
    traffic control on Foxridge Drive has been installed. This consists of closure of the westbound lane of Fox Ridge Drive from Lamar to just West of The Falls apartment complex entrance.  (see Traffic Closures & Detours map below Fig.1)


  • Excavating began the week of December 12, along Foxridge Drive for the installation of the new 36” force main (sewer) line.  Work will continue from the pump station toward the Nelson Facility (from West to East along Foxridge Drive) until late March.


The City of Mission and Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) have begun work on Foxridge Drive that will require lane closures.  

The work will be done in Three Phases:

Phase 1: Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) will be doing the initial work, which will be the installation of a pipeline in the westbound lane. The westbound lane will be closed and traffic* will be detoured as noted on the map below (Fig.1). This work is anticipated to begin in Late November and continue into March 2023.

Phase 2: The City of Mission will take over once the pipeline installation is complete with the reconstruction of Foxridge Drive. Work on this will continue through the Fall of 2023.  Plans for this are in development; however, one-way lane closures similar to the initial phase are likely. When plans are finalized the schedule will be posted here.

Phase 3: JCW working with The City of Mission, Unified Government of Wyandotte County, and Kansas Department of Transportation will add traffic lights to the I-35 Entrance/Off Ramps at Lamar Avenue.


Your patience is appreciated. 


  • Information will be updated on this site on a regular basis.

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  • We may also do periodic mailings with important updates.

* If you live in The Falls: Initially, traffic entering or exiting The Falls will be right-in and right-out only as shown on the map.  As the work proceeds, left turns exiting The Falls will be opened.  However, the right-in will continue for the duration of the pipeline installation.


Questions about the Foxridge Drive project can be addressed to Chad Wolfe. 


Call: 562-457-8246

To learn about what is happening on-site, visit Where & When

Traffic Closures and Detours thru Feb 2023

Traffic Closures and Detours thru Feb 2023

Traffic Closures and Detours thru Feb 2023

Foxridge Drive

Traffic Closures and Detours thru Feb 2023
(click on image to view larger)

Foxridge Drive

Traffic Closures and Detours starting
Feb 2023

(click on image to view larger)


Project information/schedule will be updated with information throughout planning & construction. Check back for updates.

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